How to add google reviews to website

How To Link or Embed Google My Business Reviews To Your Website; WordPress, GoDaddy, or Any Other Website Builder

How To Link or Embed Google My Business Reviews To Your Website; WordPress, GoDaddy, or Any Other Website Builder

The importance of online reviews is more critical for your brand than you might realize. About 88% of people trust consumer reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

When you get more reviews, you will gain higher authority, search engine ranking, leads, and sales.

In this article you will get answers to some frequently asked questions about getting Google reviews (GooGle My Business reviews) to your website.

How To Link Google Reviews To My Website

Whether you you are asking: how do I add Google reviews to my website? or  How can I get Google reviews on my website? or How do I embed Google review  to my website? The answer is the same as the question is the same also.

There are different options for linking your Google reviews to your website depending on the platform you are using (WordPress, GoDaddy, Shopify, etc). If you are using a WordPress website, Widget for Google reviews is a plugin that can help to import your Google reviews to your website, but I recommend elfsight widget because it grants you access to other widgets that will help boost the profitability your website brings.

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Do Google Reviews Affect SEO?

The short answer is yes: Google Reviews can aid in the improvement of search rankings and overall SEO efforts. Although there are over 200 factors that influence search rankings, online customer reviews send a strong signal to search engines that communicates expertise, authority, and trust.

Furthermore, every business owner appreciates seeing positive Google reviews from customers on their Google My Business profile. It not only informs you that people enjoy your products and services, but it also informs everyone who visits your website!

One of the goals of Google’s algorithm when evaluating a website is to measure what is known as E-A-T: Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

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How Do Google Reviews Affect Website SEO?

Google reviews are important in determining the “T” in E-A-T. Glowing reviews from real-life local customers indicate to Google that your business possesses the trustworthiness that the algorithm seeks.

Furthermore, studies have been conducted that provide concrete evidence that Google reviews play a significant role in your search ranking.

Last year, Google decided to prohibit anonymous reviews that did not include a profile. The new ban was even retroactive, meaning that many businesses lost many of their reviews overnight. Joy Hawkins, the owner of Local Search Forum and Sterling Sky, took advantage of the opportunity to see if GMB profiles that had lost reviews experienced a change in ranking.

As a result, Businesses that had lost a significant number of reviews typically dropped two spots or more and were sometimes pushed off Page 1.

How Can I Get More Google Reviews?

There is no silver bullet for obtaining more 5-star ratings. There are, however, things you can do to encourage customers to provide feedback.

  1. Render quality service to your customers. Don’t forget good customers relationship is key to getting good feedback from your customers.
  2. Don’t be afraid to reach out and be creative — many businesses leave out signs or placards requesting feedback, including links that allow customers to easily see what others are saying on their site, or even ask all of your customers about the service you provided.

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Warning: Keep in mind, however, that no one, including marketers, should ever be paid for Google reviews. It not only violates Google’s guidelines but their algorithms are designed to detect fake reviews. If Google believes you or your employees have been fabricating false reviews, your website may face a severe penalty.

Do My Customers Need Google Account To Give Google Reviews?

The answer is yes, Your Customers or clients need Google account to review your Google My Business Account. If they don’t have one already, Google will prompt them to open one while attempting to review your Google My Business Account.

Don’t have a Google My Business account? Get your a professional Google My business account set up for your business with us. At RonkyBest Digital Your Business’ Credibility and professionalism matters to us.

Does Replying to Google Reviews Help My SEO Efforts?

Whether your online reviewers are praising you or complaining about a bad experience, you should always respond to each one. It not only goes a long way with dissatisfied customers, but it also helps to build trust among all of your past and potential customers by demonstrating that you care.

Furthermore, responding to reviews not only builds trust with your audience, but it also builds trust with Google. Your responses inform Google that your company is actively responding to customers, which is beneficial to your SEO strategy and search ranking.

Indeed, Google admits that responding to reviews improves your SEO. When you interact positively with your customers, Google likes it and rewards your business with visibility.

How to Handle Negative Google Reviews?

If you receive a negative customer review, use it to make amends and win back that customer.

Unfortunately, many business owners respond to negative reviews in an angry, unprofessional manner. Don’t let yourself become that person. Instead, reach out directly on that review and go above and beyond to make up for their bad experience with stellar customer service. You can kill two birds with one stone by keeping the potential former customer and removing the negative review. You’d be surprised how many customers will change their tune — and their negative posts — after you reach out to them and listen to their concerns.

You should, always respond to all of your reviews, even the positive ones.

Google reviews to website

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Can Google Reviews be Trusted?

Online testimonials are trusted by 84 percent of buyers just as much as personal recommendations. What distinguishes Google Reviews from other websites that have testimonials? Consumers won’t be able to verify the legitimacy of a review if you control the content. Google Reviews are written directly by the people who left them, so potential customers know you’re not making stuff up.

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Getting those reviews to be synchronized to your website will boost your credibility more than the copy and paste methods because it carries a badge of credibility showing the source of the review.

Another medium to boost your business credibility with social proof is by adding Facebook Business Page review to your website.

At RonkyBest Digital we help your website build the credibility it needs to shoot up your profitability. Get in touch with us today to start having your Google and Facebook page reviews directly on your website.

Don’t have reviews on your Facebook page and Google site yet? You can have a set up to get your reviews directly on your website as soon as they are written and get to request reviews from your clients and customers.

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