14 Extremely Clever Holiday Marketing Strategies

Is your company planning a holiday marketing campaign? If not, now is the time to devise a strategy and begin researching holiday marketing strategies. With your team’s proactive approach to holiday marketing, you can increase sales and revenue this season.

You have high hopes for the next few months if you run a service-based business, an online store selling through your own website, or a storefront on a marketplace like Amazon. Consumers are ready to buy, and online sellers are ready to meet their sales targets for the year.

There are numerous opportunities to increase your revenue and profits — but success is dependent on the preparation and hard work you put in now. We’ve gathered some tips to help you meet your objectives as you prepare your business.

To assist you in meeting your objectives, we’ve compiled a list of pointers to help you prepare your business for significant growth during the 2022 holiday shopping season.

1. Create a business strategy.
To make the most of the holiday shopping season, you must plan ahead of time. Gather business data such as sales reports from the previous 12 months, holiday shopping season sales from the previous year, expense reports, and so on.

Anticipate your likely demand and costs for the next few months to work out details such as pricing, set business goals for yourself, and decide which metrics you’ll use to define success.

2. Provide the best possible customer service.

While the holidays can be a joyous time of year, they can also be stressful, especially when it comes to gift shopping. However, your company can alleviate consumer anxiety by providing helpful tips and tricks to make their experience even better.

As an example, consider a supermarket.

Your store could create content that offers simple holiday recipes to make holiday cooking even easier. This content would not only provide customers with useful information, but it would also encourage them to buy more food from your supermarket. Create content that is relevant to your company’s products, services, and consumer needs.

For your company, you should concentrate on creating content that is relevant to your products or services as well as consumer needs. Before creating holiday content, consider how it will benefit and assist your customers.

It’s also important to mention how your products can help consumers from a business standpoint. However, you should only encourage users to consider your products if it makes sense. Readers will not become customers if you force your products or services on them.

3. Express gratitude to customers

Consumers can spend a significant amount of time during the holiday season debating what — and where — they want to spend their money when it comes to purchasing gifts. As a result, even loyal and long-term customers may shop elsewhere this holiday season.

If your company wants to entice new and returning customers, it must stay at the forefront of their minds. A great holiday marketing strategy for keeping customers dedicated and loyal to your brand is to emphasize gratitude.

Show customers how important they are to your company. While there are numerous ways to thank customers, sending a thank you email or a physical card is both simple acts that can encourage customers to do their holiday shopping with your company.

4. Begin your marketing campaign as soon as possible.

When it comes to developing a holiday marketing strategy, far too many businesses procrastinate. Before December, your target market should be thinking about your company and their holiday shopping. As a result, your team should begin planning its seasonal marketing campaign as early as August or September.

Prepare a seasonal marketing campaign in advance, such as in August or September.

A holiday marketing campaign can also begin much earlier than November or December.

While many consumers prefer to shop at the last minute, others prefer to buy gifts ahead of time. Capture this audience ahead of time by sending out holiday advertisements and seasonal offers. With this strategy, you can persuade these early adopters to buy your product.

5. Provide freebies

While many consumers are focused on purchasing gifts, they are also drawn to the idea of purchasing something for themselves. That is why offering a free product or a purchased gift is such an effective holiday marketing strategy in 2018.

You can use this strategy to encourage customers to not only buy your product but also spend more money with your company. For example, offering a free item with a $50 purchase enables users to spend more money.. Rather than buy $25 worth of products, they splurge and spend $50. If your company is hesitant to offer free rewards, make the reward free shipping.

The holidays are a time for giving, but your customers also want to be on the receiving end of gift-giving from time to time. To boost your sales during this time of year, highlight special offers, savings, and free promotions whenever possible.

6. Decorate your online store:

To get their customers into the holiday spirit, brick-and-mortar stores set up enticing window displays and in-store decorations, and you can (and should) follow their lead. If you run your own online store, you can use seasonal themes and templates to maintain your branding while adding seasonal details to each page.

When you show your customers that you’re excited about the holidays, it will rub off on them and encourage them to buy.

7. Adopt email marketing

During the hectic holiday season, your target market is constantly on the move. Your ideal shopper doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to phone calls, in-person encounters, or physical mail, whether they’re out running errands or catching up on holiday shopping. You can, however, be certain that your target market is checking their email inbox.

Businesses send out a variety of offers to customers during the holiday season. As a result, consumers frequently check their email during the holiday shopping season. They want to get the best deal, and email can help them save.

Pay extra attention to engaging your subscribers during the holidays. Send out emails that highlight your promotions, sales, or seasonal product line. A simple email can make a world of difference by informing and encouraging shoppers, which helps you land additional sales.

8. Encourage debates

You have multiple platforms to engage your audience, whether it’s through your website, blog, or social media accounts. While your company can concentrate on interacting with customers during the holiday season, it is critical to communicate with customers all year. Interact with customers online during the holidays and all year.

For example, you could ask your Instagram followers what they’re most excited about this holiday season. Your team can then respond to the user comments, providing personalized responses that users will remember.

It is critical for your team to respond to both negative and positive comments when interacting with your followers. If a user makes a negative comment and your company does not respond, it sends the wrong message to other followers and customers.

9. Make use of hashtags

Because 81 per cent of people have a social media profile, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to reach new customers and influence current ones through these channels. If you already use social media marketing, make sure it’s ready for the holidays.

Holidat marketing strategies 2022
Promotion Discount

How can you use social media as part of your holiday marketing strategy?

Use hashtags on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. While hashtags can be used on Facebook, they aren’t as popular or useful. As a result, it’s a good idea to limit your use of hashtags to platforms that make the most of them.

You can use hashtags to spread the word about your sales and promotions. You can also encourage user-generated content by creating a hashtag that customers can use when they post a photo or status about your product.

Hashtags are also simple to remember, making it easier for prospective customers to recall your company’s name. The right hashtags can also help you reach new shoppers looking for the perfect gift this holiday season.

Follow shopping trends in your industry for the best results. What do your customers appear to want the most this holiday season? To generate more buzz for your business, use hashtags on your Twitter, Instagram, and other social media profiles.

10. Create holiday advertisements

You can use this holiday marketing strategy depending on your company and products.

If you are investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can concentrate on creating ads with a holiday theme in the ad copy or the ad itself. To emphasize the holidays, your ad copy could say, “Get the perfect gift this holiday season.”

You can apply this strategy to your content as well.

Create holiday-themed content, from blog posts to advertisements.

For example, you could create a series of holiday-themed blog posts or social media status updates. A supermarket, for example, may use its blog to highlight recipes and decorations, whereas a manufacturer may create an “Elf on the Shelf” series for their social media.

11. Retargeting customers

A staggering 96% of customers will abandon a website without making a purchase. This means that only four out of every hundred people who visit your website purchase your product or service. You can, however, change that with a remarketing ad campaign and email marketing.

If a customer provides their email address but does not complete their purchase, you can send a follow-up email. This email reminds the reader that they still have an item in their cart, which may persuade them to complete their purchase.

A remarketing ad campaign, on the other hand, focuses on users who have previously visited your website. However, that is a large group of people, which is why you can narrow your audience down to a specific product page.

It is critical for your company to understand each user’s motivations regardless of how you remarket your business. Investigate what caused a user to leave your site. In some cases, a user would have purchased your product, but your website made the transaction nearly impossible.

As a result, you must pay close attention to your marketing strategy as well as the usability of your website.

12. Appeal to the emotions of the shopper

The holidays elicit a range of emotions, from elation to nostalgia. A good holiday marketing strategy taps into these emotions, which can persuade users to include your company in their holiday shopping. Pay special attention to the emotional appeal of your content when developing your holiday marketing campaign.

To elicit powerful feelings, share inspirational messages on social media, for example, or provide a behind-the-scenes look at how your company celebrates the holidays.

13. Begin a video marketing campaign

Because one minute of video is equivalent to eight million words, video marketing is a game-changing holiday marketing strategy. According to 90% of users, the video also assists them in making a purchase decision, which greatly benefits your company.

Including a video on your website, emails, or social media page can assist you in communicating your company’s message in a way that encourages users to learn more about your brand. Videos are also user-friendly, making it simple for viewers to learn more about your products and their applications.

Create a YouTube page to market your business and share your videos if you haven’t already.

14. Promote your brand

It is also critical for your company to promote its brand during the holiday season.

When you concentrate on sharing not only your products but also your brand, you can leave a lasting impression on customers. If your company focuses on producing environmentally friendly products, for example, it may encourage customers to choose your company over a competitor. If your company provides excellent customer service, you can use it as a differentiating feature (USP) for your brand. This type of USP demonstrates not only what your company values but also what users can expect as customers.

Prior to the holiday shopping season, pay special attention to how your company presents its brand. Make an extra effort with your branding so that your customers have more reasons to invest in your company, especially during the holidays.

Are you ready to make the holidays more enjoyable?

With a little forethought, your team can create a one-of-a-kind holiday marketing strategies that will boost your seasonal sales.

When it comes to promoting your business this season, your company has a number of options, ranging from providing personalized experiences to expressing gratitude.

Putting these effective holiday marketing strategies into practice will improve your sales.

Do you lack the time to oversee a holiday marketing campaign?

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